[NOTAM] Queenstown Airspace/Procedures Change


Queenstown (NZQN) airspace has been redefined as CTR/C airspace, meaning that the Tower is no longer procedural.


Queenstown, having previously been a 'Procedurally Controlled' aerodrome, has been updated on the VATSIM Network to bring it into line with the real world - something that has been necessary for some time.

The changes include changing the previous NZQN_TWR CTR/D to a CTR/C, as well as updating the Controller Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on the VATNZ website to reflect that Queenstown is no longer procedural.

The function of NZQN_APP will be similar to NZAA_APP and likewise NZQN_TWR will function similarly to NZAA_TWR, with the only difference being that aircraft will be handed over slightly earlier.  This also means that IFR flights are radar identified on departure by NZQN_APP or NZCH-S_CTR.

This now means that NZQN_TWR does not have the authority to issue tracking or speed control instructions to aircraft - in the same way that other procedural towers cannot.

The suggestion would be that aircraft are handed off through 8000ft by NZQN_APP in periods of lower traffic density, but at the latest by the final approach fix of the applicable instrument approach

Pilots should familiarise themselves with the reporting procedures outlined on page 8 of NZAIP ENR 1.1: http://www.aip.net.nz/pdf/ENR_1.1.pdf


Queenstown Terminal SOP

Queenstown Tower SOP

Queenstown AIP


Director, Controller Operations – operations@vatnz.net


This NOTAM will NOT self cancel.