Assignment of procedures within the New Zealand FIR

Recently there has been discussion surrounding how real-world Airways Controllers assign Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) within the New Zealand Domestic FIR, and whether or not these assignment rules will be replicated within VATNZ's airspace.

A balance needs to be met between the desire for a realistic VATSIM experience, and the limitations of a network designed to cater to people of differing skill levels. Ultimately, Pilots are able to fly any procedure they desire, provided that their aircraft falls into the performance criteria of that procedure. The implementation of any 'pseudo-criteria' regarding time, weather or adverse occurrence based events are not authorised. Should a Pilot request a specific procedure, members providing an Air Traffic Control service should make every opportunity available to enable them to do this.

The implementation of any 'pseudo-criteria' only serves to complicate our airspace, and only serves to degrade the quality service that Pilots expect within our FIR.

In lieu of the Standard Operating Procedures Refresh project being released, this notice acts as a temporary directive in the assignment of procedures within VATNZ airspace. Non-compliance with this directive will be investigated by the Operations Director.

Any questions regarding this directive are to be forwarded to the Operations Director in the first instance through the VATNZ Feedback System. This notice will self-cancel upon release of the SOP Refresh project, or the release of permanent policy; whichever occurs first.