Release of the VATNZ Feedback System

The VATNZ Board is happy to announce the launch of the VATNZ Feedback system for general use. This system serves as a one-stop-shop for Feedback within our Division, with the ability to provide feedback on every facet of the Division. This helps to formalise a feedback process, allowing Board members to efficiently collate and work through items of feedback.

We would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts of our IT Director, Nick Johnston, who has developed this system - thank you, once again.

How to use our Feedback System

You can access the Feedback portal by either navigating to, or by clicking the speech bubble in the navigation bar on the VATNZ homepage, as seen below. You will need to be logged into the VATNZ website to access the portal, as your feedback is tied to your VATSIM CID.

When you arrive at the Feedback screen, you will be prompted to provide a title, and detail about the feedback you wish to provide. It's important that you are as descriptive as possible on your initial message, as this will assist us in quickly actioning the feedback if we need to.

If your feedback concerns another Controller, you can search for them and attach their CID to the feedback. Likewise, if your feedback concerns a specific event, you can also select this. Before submitting your feedback, you have the option to notify a specific department to your feedback.

If we need any further information, we will reach out to you via the email address listed on your VATNZ profile.


Any feedback provided to the Board will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and only divulged on a need-to-know basis.

Only members of the VATNZ Board of Directors have access to the feedback submitted through this system. Non-Board Director Members of the Training Team will not have access to any of the information. If you provide feedback to us, your name will not be shared outside of the Board.


This new system is intended to be our Division's primary method of receiving feedback, and we will no longer be accepting feedback through Discord.

In time, a revised Controller Policy will be released, mandating the attachment of a link to the Feedback System within the position additional text when controlling. This will be added to the vatSys and EuroScope releases in due course, and you will all be notified when this is in effect.


If you have any queries, feel free to open a query in the new system. For other official communications with VATNZ Board Members, you should continue to use the official email addresses listed on our Contact page.