VATNZ Mailing List Changes

As part of VATNZ's server upgrade project, we are switching to a new mailing list system.

The existing mailing lists are hosted by our outgoing web hosting provider, and will go offline when our contract with that provider ends in late October.

We are happy to announce that our new mailing list system, which is built into the VATNZ web site, is now available for all VATSIM members to use.

Please visit the Manage your Mailing List Subscriptions page (note: you will be asked to log in if you aren't already) to subscribe to the new mailing lists. You can also view and edit your subscriptions from the Dashboard link in the (top-right) user menu when you are logged in.

Please be aware that VATNZ takes your online rights seriously and will never subscribe you to a mailing list without your explicit permission.

Therefore, if you are currently subscribed to one of our existing mailing lists and wish to continue receiving our mails after October 20 2018, you need to visit the Manage your Mailing List Subscriptions page before then and subscribe to the new ones.

Event notifications will be published to both the new and old mailing lists for the next three weeks so there's no reason not to switch mailing lists today.