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Cross The Ditch 26: Auckland Waves
June brings winter to the Southern Hemisphere, and everyone wants to get away. Aucklanders are drawn to the excitement of the capital cities on Australia's eastern seaboard. Australians in turn descend upon Auckland enroute to the North Island's ski fields, and to sample the unique culture and natural beauty of New Zealand's largest city. On VATSIM this June, it's all happening in Auckland, with Cross the Ditch 26: Auckland Waves.

Featured for Cross the Ditch 26

  • Airport Focus: Auckland, New Zealand Following on from the record-breaking success of Sydney Waves last year, Cross the Ditch is excited to present another City Waves event for 2024. This event puts Auckland, New Zealand front and centre. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, and Auckland International (NZAA/AKL) serves as a major hub with extensive connections to destinations throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific, and beyond. Cross the Ditch 26 will connect Auckland (NZAA) to Australia's three largest cities: spending the morning in Brisbane (YBBN), the afternoon in Melbourne (YMML), and the evening in fan-favourite Sydney (YSSY). The Wave Schedule will allow enterprising pilots to complete at least four sectors over the course of the day. Whether you fly only one wave or make a day of it, Cross the Ditch 26 will show you why Auckland is such a vital part of the region's aviation activities.
  • CTD26 is sponsored by Orbx Cross the Ditch is excited to announce that we have partnered with Orbx as the proud sponsor of CTD26. The event will be hosted by Blugames on the Orbx YouTube channel on Sunday, 16 June. He will be streaming the event with exciting giveaways! Here's what you can win:
    • YBBN: Brisbane
    • YSSY: Sydney
    • YMML: Melbourne
    • Volanta Premium 1 month

What's it all about?

For eighteen hours this June, the skies over the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand will be filled with aircraft all on a mission to Cross the Ditch. An example of that typical down-under understatement, this "ditch" is over 1100nm wide. The flight routes all range from two and a half to three and a half hours flight time. Throughout the event, Oceania's two divisions – VATNZ and VATPAC – will be providing full gate-to-gate ATC coverage, in the Southern Hemisphere's premiere oceanic event. This is a great opportunity to experience Oceanic flying without the need to commit to an eight-hour flight! If you're new to Oceanic Flying, our reporting tool makes taking part a breeze.
Event Times
This eighteen hour event is timed to allow pilots from all over the world to join the fun:
  • UTC: Saturday 15th June 2024 18:00 - Sunday 16th June 2024 12:00
  • AEST: Sunday 16th June 2024 04:00 - Sunday 16th June 2024 22:00
  • NZST: Sunday 16th June 2024 06:00 - Monday 17th June 2024 00:00


This season's event is organised in waves. Each airport will have a two-and-a-half-to-four-and-a-half hour departure window, during which time flights will be able to leave for the next destination. As the window closes, the departure window will open at the next destination. Given each of the flights is 3.5 - 4hrs in length, the previous wave's flights will be arriving at the same airport as the next wave departs, maximising the amount of traffic at each airport. The Event Schedule can be found here. NOTE: in order to ensure that you have ATC coverage throughout your flight, you MUST fly the wave route that is active at the time of your departure.


NZAA Auckland, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZZO-TSN_FSSAuckland Radio (Tasman)129.500
 NZZO_FSSAuckland Radio129.000
CTRNZAA_CTRAuckland Control123.900
APPNZAA_APPAuckland Approach124.300
DEPNZAA_DEPAuckland Approach129.600
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700
GNDNZAA_GNDAuckland Ground121.900
DELNZAA_DELAuckland Delivery128.200

Flight and ATC Bookings

We encourage pilots and controllers alike to book your intention to fly or provide ATC using vroute.

These bookings display on the VATNZ website and allow others to know when and where to expect pilots and controllers to be online.

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