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Spilled Milk Run Monday

VATNZ is pleased to be hosting VATPAC as they bring Spilled Milk Run Monday Trans-Tasman!

Fly between Melbourne (YMML) and Christchurch (NZCH) with full expectations of ATC Services throughout your flight!

The event will run from 0630z till 1030z. Traffic Levels usually begin to pick up between 0800z and peak between 0900z-1000z

Oceanic Airspace

Normal ATC throughout New Zealand relies on radar to determine where an aircraft is in the air. Over the ocean, however, there is no radar. This non-radar airspace is controlled by oceanic ATC.

All Oceanic Controlled Airspace in New Zealand is controlled from Auckland, so New Zealand's oceanic ATC is called "Auckland Radio".

One of the significant differences between radar and Oceanic flying is the need for position reports. 

Position reports are how ATC can determine where you are. Position reports contain estimates for waypoints, speeds, altitudes and any other information. Because there is no radar over the ocean, ATC relies on time-based separation and reports from the pilots. ATC has no way of determining where you are unless you specifically tell them.

The standard format is:

  • Current/Previous waypoint name and the time at which you crossed that point.
  • Current flight level.
  • Mach number if assigned by ATC.
  • Your next waypoint and estimate for that point.
  • The waypoint after that.

For example: "Qantas 123 is position PLUGA at time 0523, flight level 380, estimating VELKU at 0750, SASRO next."

So read up on your position reporting and to assist you with position reports, feel free to use the Oceanic Reporting Tool.

You can also find more info on our Oceanic FAQs page




Controllers wishing to apply to control VATNZ positions during the event should use the ATC applications tab above.

Controllers wishing to apply to control VATPAC positions during the event can apply on the VATPAC event page located here: VATPAC Events Centre


YMML – Melbourne Airport:
Payware – ORBX (FSX/P3D) -
Freeware – AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
X-Plane users are recommended to use the default scenery. The default Scenery is more up to date than available packages*


NZCH Christchurch, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZZO_FSSAuckland Radio129.000
CTRNZCH-S_CTRChristchurch Control129.300
APPNZCH_APPChristchurch Approach126.100
DEPNZCH_DEPChristchurch Approach120.900
TWRNZCH_TWRChristchurch Tower118.400
GNDNZCH_GNDChristchurch Ground121.900
DELNZCH_DELChristchurch Delivery128.200

Rostered ATC

The controller positions for this event are being rostered by the event organisers.

You can apply to provide ATC via the VATNZ Website.

Flight Bookings

We encourage pilots to book your intention to fly using vroute.

These bookings display on the VATNZ website and allow others to know when and where to expect pilots and controllers to be online.

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