Discord Updates and Improvements

The VATNZ Board are pleased to announce that a number of changes will be happening shortly to the Discord server.

These changes, all tested, reviewed and agreed upon by the Board, are being implemented with the aim of improving the server, reducing the workload of moderation on the VATNZ Board and Staff and setting out a clearer moderation policy and ruleset following recent incidents.

Summary of the Changes

  • The server is being updated to a full Discord Community server
  • #server-info channel being added containing rules and other server related information
  • #roles channel being added to allow users to opt-in to specific roles. Current roles available are Ops-Notifications and Event-Notifications.
  • #announcements, #upcoming-events, #atc-feedback, #atc-promotions and #notams channels being updated to Announcement channels to allow them to be followed by other servers.
  • #vatsim-news channel being added which will contain a feed of VATSIM news and announcements.
  • Members voice lounges are being renamed and repurposed so we have two identical lounges instead of one PTT and one normal lounge.
  • ATC voice rooms are being revamped into four general coordination channels.
  • General updating and synchronising of roles across the server.
  • Updating of server rules. These new rules will be available shortly from the new server-info channel, will be presented to new users upon joining the server and will also be updated in the near future on the VATNZ website.
  • Various background changes, improvements and policy updates around moderation to make the process more streamlined and less prone to misuse and errors. One major addition is the new Discord Moderation policy available here: VATNZ Discord Moderation Policy 


We will be continuing to look at other ways to improve the server and will likely revisit these changes and collect community feedback sometime in the near future.

The new rules will come into full effect on Sunday the 3rd of October at 7 pm NZDT. Your continued use of and presence on this server after that time will constitute your acceptance of the new rules.